Seth Godin, in “This is Marketing”, presents a few simple marketing questions. Here are seven that I think about:

  1. What is the world view of the audience you’re seeking to reach?
  2. What change are you seeking to make?
  3. How will it change their status?
  4. Why will they tell their friends?
  5. What will they tell their friends?
  6. What asset are you building?
  7. Are you proud of it?

With our fast-paced and physical (physical and digital) world, people communicate with brands and online content more quickly and easily than ever. More than 4.2 billion people are already connected online, and 3.4 billion are publicly sharing their personal information with the world. How do you connect with them?

There have only been five Nike ads in traditional media that have reached more than a million views. Digital marketing is different. What this means is that if churches are not active online, they will miss out on the opportunity to engage with people on platforms they enjoy.

New technology has changed the customer journey, but the stimulating moment remains. Brand, product, or church leaders must cultivate strong stimuli. Digital marketing is a good start. Smart curation includes $120,000 USD a year of Google Ad Grants available to churches.

Studies show consumers are not interested in generic marketing messages. 74 percent of customers feel frustrated when brands send them irrelevant content. 79 percent of customers won’t consider an offer unless it is tailored to their prior interactions with the brand.

Churches ought to track all Google Ad campaigns. Leaders need to know positive return on relationships (ROR). Church Relationship Management (CRM) platform has enabled leaders to become more targeted. We can monitor response rates around digital campaigns.

As you review how people will get to know you, consider these three questions:

  1. Where is your ideal audience?
  2. What will you be communicating based on what your audience needs?

What is your strategy, free $120,000 USD of Google Ad Grants included, behind people getting to know you?