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From Church Leaders

“Amitabh is not only my mentor but an inspiration. I talk to Amitabh to see where the church is moving to, not where it’s been. I need that to help lead my organization. He blends in technical insights from the world’s leaders and integrates them into church life. Thanks so much, bro!”

– Chris Shadbolt, Executive Director of Operations, The Metropolitan Bible Church, Ottawa (Canada)

“I am happy to endorse the work of Amitabh Singh. He is someone who carries both a great passion for the local church and an incredible set of skills. Amitabh serves churches well, quickly assessing the present needs and then leveraging his experience and skills to help churches get unstuck. By helping to optimize their effectiveness and innovate their systems, Amitabh helps churches then focus more of their energies on their mission!”

– Jonathan Smith, Lead Pastor, One Church (Agincourt), Toronto (Canada)

“Amitabh Singh ranks at the top of his field as an Executive Pastor and church growth consultant. His passion and expertise for organizational leadership, business administration & management, automation & innovation, and media & marketing is a resource of incalculable value to pastors and church leaders. I am privileged to know Amitabh, both as a working colleague and as a personal friend.”

– Doug Rhind, Teaching Pastor, PORTICO Community Church, Greater Toronto Area (Canada)

“Every Lead Pastor experiences seasons in their ministry where they feel stuck. It is that feeling that you are just ‘one step’ away from experiencing a breakthrough to the next level without knowing what that is or how to execute it. It is in these times that I have found that receiving experienced insight and assistance has been incredibly helpful. If you find yourself here, I recommend reaching out to Amitabh to explore options from someone who has worked in many different settings to bring organizational health and growth.”

– Bill Markham, Lead Pastor, Central Community Church, St. Catherines (Canada)

What We Offer

Change is inevitable, and learning to grow during change is a choice. Accelerate your church’s growth with rapid digital transformation. The Ask Amitabh team provides affordable and expert solutions for branding, digital marketing, CRM, and more.

Branding & Website

Optimize your brand potential and create WordPress websites with us. Get help with branding, lead generation, SEO, hosting, and more!

Salesforce CRM

Gain optimum data insight with the Salesforce Church Relationship Management system. Benefit from the ten free subscriptions offered to churches and other non-profit organizations.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Spend just $229 a year for your LMS and online courses. You need a WordPress website to utilize this.

Online Presence

Enhance your online presence with the help of the Ask Amitabh Church Business App, snapshot reports, list building, and online review management.

Google Ads Grant

Google offers USD10,000 per month of advertising grants. We help with grant acquisition, keyword research, and grant campaign design.

Cyber Security & Data Protection

Take advantage of free cyber security training and secure your digital assets. Get help with cyber security insurance, privacy policies, document retention, and data protection.

Get an Overview of the Church Business App

USA Church Marketplace

Gain access to critical marketing insights on your church’s reputation score, business listing score, listing presence accuracy, online reviews, and social marketing score with our online toolkit.

Canada Church Marketplace

Get your church on the map with our one-stop solution for church leaders. Enhance your digital growth today.

Your Church’s Snapshot Report

Church snapshot reports will provide a detailed assessment of your church’s online presence and reputation that exposes critical gaps.









Free Strategy Session

The purpose of this training session is to help you revamp or reestablish your church’s digital growth strategy.

Free Cyber Security Training for Churches

The purpose of this training is to provide free cyber security training awareness for your church pastors and staff members.

Our Skills

Help churches implement free and affordable solutions covering digital transformation.
Ask Amitabh team can help churches discover and implement affordable growth solutions for revolutionary digital transformation. Our expertise includes website and lead generation, Salesforce CRM, learning management systems, reinforcing your online presence, Google Ads, automation, and optimization.
  • Website, Branding & Lead Generation 90% 90%
  • Salesforce CRM 77% 77%
  • Learning Management System 85% 85%

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