Why The Innovation Gap course?

It is time for you as a leader to innovate and organize for growth. One size does not fit all. You don’t have to copy what others have done. Your innovation strategy needs to be specific to your context.

I teach Finance and Governance of Non-Profit Organizations at Masters College & Seminary in Canada. The major assignment in this course is for students to use metrics to present their growth strategy to the Senior Pastor. Starting in 2022, several times a year, I will be offering The Innovation Gap course.

  • Eight weekly lessons with practical exercises that are designed for Church leaders.
  • Ask Amitabh Community: You will be able to join an online forum where like-minded church leaders can connect and ask questions specific to their church context.
  • One-year access to Church Smart Dashboards (Snapshot Report – Initial Assessment) and Executive Report (Ongoing Performance of your Church online presence).

This 8-module online course offers a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) roadmap that teaches you how to carry out a self-assessment and design a strategy that works best for your church.

  • I will cover everything from digital rhetoric to content and growth strategy.
  • We will take the time to understand the principles of entrepreneurship while finding an affordable solution and creating a frictionless experience.
  • I will deep dive with individual participants on how to make marketing, technology, and innovation work for your church.
  • We will look at how to build and manage a connected Church ecosystem while removing administrative hassles and saving both time and money.

Visit the Ask Amitabh website (www.amitabhsingh.com) for more details on this course. 

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