Before I continue, let me turn back the clock a bit to 1992, when I first met Jennifer LeBeau. She had come to Calcutta with a large group of Americans who had for many years sponsored children’s education in India. For the first time, they were going to meet the children face-to-face.

A special event in their travel itinerary included a meeting with Mother Teresa during her dedication of a Cardiac wing at a local general hospital. It was an opportunity of a lifetime, and the team greatly looked forward to it.

The morning of the event, Mahua, Jennifer’s sponsored child, traveled three hours from her rural village to meet with her sponsor. As luck would have it, Mahua’s transportation glided to a stop at the entrance of the hospital just as Mother Teresa was due to appear. I watched as Jennifer was faced with what many would consider a tricky choice. Should she go immediately to Mahua, or keep Mahua waiting until she could meet with Mother Teresa?

Jennifer did not hesitate. She walked away from the hospital towards the little girl whom she had grown to love over the years. I watched with amazement as Jennifer went to her knees and embraced Mahua with a tear-filled hug. The two sat together for a long time, talking quietly and coloring the air with their laughter. They eventually went over to the hospital together and as Providence stepped in, they were able to meet Mother Theresa.

Fast-forward four years. In 1996, I flew to Colorado Springs to meet with Jennifer, her husband Phil, and their three children, Nicole, Chad, and adopted son Amar. Over the years, the LeBeau’s had become extended family to me. My family lived in their home for a time when we first moved to the States, and to date, I have had the honor of presiding over the marriages of two of their children.

During this visit, Jennifer shared with me about her job at a nearby adoption agency called Hope’s Promise. Just five years earlier, she had adopted Amar from India, an experience that had since developed in her a passion for orphaned children. Hope’s Promise was her opportunity to help other families experience the same joy through adoption.

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