We Must Not Forget Church History!

Several North American pastors were pioneering the use of video sermons in early 2000. They were grappling with how the audience would respond to this new technology. Did people react as a group when a preacher asked a question? Did they raise their hands? Did they applaud? Did they laugh in all the right places? We have seen eight different types of video preaching in North American since then.

Looking More Like Jesus

The process of spiritual formation is similar to flying a kite. As a child, you learn to discern. You pay attention to the wind. Just like the wind cannot be controlled, neither can your walk with Jesus be boxed in. Part of spiritual formation is to discern what God is saying and wanting you to do.

Is Church Growth “McDonaldization of Spirituality”? 

McGavran coined the term “church growth” to overcome the negative connotation of evangelism. He requested several American seminaries to start a department focused on church growth. He laid the foundation for the Church Growth Movement…

Free Yourself By Releasing Others

One size does not fit all. As church leaders, we are familiar with the pains of growth depending on the size of the church. I usually discuss five possible phases of growth…

Life.Church Virtual Reality Services & India’s first Metaverse Marriage!

India’s first Metaverse wedding reception, or a virtual reality church service offered by Life.Church is only the beginning. The next five years will be influenced by 5G, artificial intelligence (A.I.), and virtual reality for every content provider. Schools, university, and even churches are about to experience a tsunami of change.

What Is Your Map To Navigate The New World?

A cliché states, “If Moses had a map, he wouldn’t have wandered for forty years.” A church leader needs a strategic roadmap to navigate the current pace of change. What is your map?

Are You The First Choice?

More than 3.2 billion people are online today. People go online to find further information. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) assists your church in growing its online presence and attracting quality visitors, so the right prospects can find the contact they need.

Will A Visitor Grow With You?

2020-21 was the tipping point. 2022 to 2030 will record a technology carnage that humankind has never seen before. Take a picture of all the electronic gadgets that you are using today. They will all look slower and uglier in the next decade. Yet leaders are still not realizing the full scope of 5G, the internet of things, and voice-enabled technology that is about to hit us. Every content provider, church communicators included, is about to be rocked by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in the first five years and Virtual Reality (V.R.) in the next five years.

Will A Guest Permit You?

The church website serves as a lead generator. It needs to fit into a larger digital ecosystem that supports your mission and vision. The goal is to encourage engagement through the website for both retention and spiritual formation. The key is whether your online visitors will permit you.

Does Your Audience Like You?

Your church needs to consider the main reasons behind social ministry. Social media is now a way of life. Your audience is connected to 20 plus social networks, ten plus messaging channels, and several chatbot platforms. Social ministry needs to take place in real-time.

Does Your Audience Trust You?

It is tedious, but crucial, to cultivate an online presence for your church. People don’t show up at the first church they see. They research options beforehand. Churches cannot have a negative or a nonexistent presence online.

Can People Find You Online?

The need for churches to be found online is increasing. People use hashtags and find information using search engines. They search anywhere and at anytime. Search engines such as Google have improved the ability to locate information.