In reading Amitabh Singh’s book, I was immediately reminded of a statement made years ago by the American futurist and philosopher, Alvin Toffler, who stated that, “The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn unlearn, and relearn.” Needless to say, organizations including the church, are experiencing significant change today. Perhaps a distinguishing factor of the present compared to periods of change in the past, is the pace with which we are observing the change occur. The rate of change alone has the potential of leaving some feeling disoriented and confused. Do you remember the playground merry-go-round when someone cranked up the speed? It is in this context, that Amitabh’s book provides much needed clarity, wisdom and hope. Yes, change is inevitable, but it need not be overwhelming and debilitating.

– David Hazzard, General Secretary Treasurer, PAOC, Canada

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“This book is a treasure of equal value. Page after page dispenses practical, relevant, scalable solutions designed to fit churches of every size, context and budget. This book was forged in the cauldron of day-to-day situational realities that church leaders are forced to address. Having worked side-by-side with Amitabh for nearly ten years, I can personally attest to this fact. Under Amitabh’s expertise and guidance as Executive Pastor, PORTICO became a working laboratory where the insights and principles presented in this book were tried, tweaked, improved, and proven. The New Normal of Leadership is the consummate guide on effective blending of leadership, administration, technology and innovation for the singular cause of helping people find their way back to God.” – Douglas Rhind, former Senior Pastor of PORTICO Community Church, Canada.
This book is geared towards Executive Pastors, and is a guideline on how to listen and learn in the first 90 days; how to prepare to leave a legacy in the last 90 days; and how to manage the dash in between by leveraging the leaders on your team.
While the title of this book is Effective Church Leadership, there are numerous leadership and organizational insights and transferable principles to provide significant value to administrative leadership in any not-for-profit ministry, business, education, and government. And, as an added bonus, Amitabh writes not as a philosophical idealist but as a seasoned veteran. His ideas have been shaped on the anvil of real experience and proven trustworthy in actual organization life. ” – David E. Hazzard
This book provides an overview of Church 4.0, along with tips and resources to help church leaders manage, through innovation, marketing, and technology. Find out the right way to move from traditional to digital. Understand how to offer genuine human engagement through F.R.I.E.N.D.S. that will work for your church, charity or business.
“Placing the life and teachings of Jesus in various roles of the business realm, Amitabh Singh sheds substantial life on how a believer should live in such roles. I highly recommend Jesus: The Ultimate Management Guru to everyone in the business…or any kind of leadership.” – Ken Horn, Editor, Pentecostal Evangel
Born into a businessman’s home in Calcutta, India, Amitabh Singh became increasingly interested in the art of management. When introduced to Jesus at a y young age Amitabh found that the teachings of Christ fused his love for business and people. We invite you to join Jesus, the world’s ultimate management guru, as He teaches not only how to best lead in the workplace, but also how to prevail in the vast marketplace of life.
India is an ever-evolving country. While democracy inspires innumerable achievements in the arts, education, technology, and business, in rural and impoverished India, the gulf between the rich and poor grows increasingly wider. Amitabh Singh in Round Pizza in a Square Box shares a number of hard-learned lessons that have inspired him to more than twenty-five years of service on behalf of India’s impoverished men, women, and children. His message encourages even the most distant reader, showing that with the right mindset and a strong dose of compassion, they too can make an immeasurable difference in this world.
Contrary to popular belief, the chili did not originate from India. An Indian woman acquired it from Portuguese traders and found when she mixed it into her Indian curry, the curry became even more delicious. In Chilies In An Indian Curry, Amitabh Singh recounts his childhood in India where he experienced the richness of its spiritual, economic, and social history, along with its wounds and prejudices. This evocative and poignant memoir invites readers to overcome stereotypes and divisiveness, and instead receive the chilies that can only make life’s curry more satisfying.