Churches today are operating in the “age of the cloud.” Over 75% of larger churches and 50% of smaller churches in North America utilize cloud technology. Investing in cloud technology helps in cost-savings, easy access, online support, and security. Live streaming, online event registration, check-ins, online giving, engagement tools, online forms, e-signatures, and OCR scanning for retention are basic requirements that a church team needs to consider.

Consider three numbers related to your church.

  1. What were your attendance numbers twelve months ago?
  2. How many newcomers visited your church in the last twelve months?
  3. What are your present church attendance numbers?


  1. You had 160 people in your church twelve months ago.
  2. You have 82 newcomers who visited your church in the last twelve months.
  3. Is your church attendance less than 242 (160+82) people?

What does this mean?

If you have 206 people instead of 242 people attending now, it means you have lost 36 people in 12 months. To get to your monthly loss numbers, divide the total number of lost people by 12. You will arrive at the number you are losing every month. Every church leader should know their monthly loss numbers. In this case, this church is losing 3 people every month.

To grow and stay relevant, you will have to fundamentally change the way you engage with your audience. Engagement journeys are not linear. People receive your free eBook, register for an event or an online webinar, and download digital content or a podcast. A visitor is anonymously checking your website. Your church office receives a call. All of these touch points need to be connected. The tools and systems that we introduce to our church or charity must be an integrated solution. We organize for growth. We build a connected ecosystem that helps us to automate and optimize.

Your administrative team will have to consider sharable and scalable solutions that your visitors can access online. Data needs to be accessible from any web-connected device. Your Executive Pastor will have to look at the best way to automate accounting, overcome delayed reporting, eliminate manual approvals, and track engagement.

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