How do computer programmers learn their art? Is there a step-by-step process that guarantees you’ll get good? All great programmers learn the same way. They poke the box. They code something and see what the computer does. They change it and see what the computer does. They repeat the process again and again until they figure out how the box works. The box might be a computer or it might be a market or it might be a customer or it might be your boss. It’s a puzzle, one that can be solved in only one way – by poking.”Seth Godin, in Poke the Box.

The only way things will improve at any church or charity, or business is when it improves. Improvement is neither a TedTalk outline, an idea, a hope, or a wish. Improvement is your focus that is tied to your mission statement. Your ability to carry out a self-assessment is the next step.

In an article written by Jim Collins, he writes about the myth of Technology-Driven change:

“The breakthrough that you’re looking for can be achieved by using technology to leapfrog the competition.”

No one likes change, except for babies with diapers. Instead of fearing or resisting change, great leaders innovate and adapt. When there is no growth, great leaders look at areas needing improvement. They offer new services. Pursue new opportunities.

In the 1990s, the Emerging Church movement started to change the notion that the church had to be in a building. It was a departure from the past. A few church leaders struggled to embrace this idea.

We saw this before the 2020 pandemic. Three thousand churches were using the Church Online platform. Craig Groeschel and Life Church offer as a free tool to help manage an online ministry without technology barriers. By August 2020, 27,000 churches started using this platform to broadcast services online. Influential leaders realize that 2020 was fertile soil for new opportunities.

Leaders are strong amid obstacles.

  • Noah built the ark without being a naval architect.
  • David did not undergo marine training to fight with Goliath.
  • Nehemiah did not have an engineering degree to build the Jerusalem wall.

Leaders adapt beyond their natural ability. We embrace a leadership mindset that wants to improve and lead better.

(Excerpts from my book, The New Normal of Leadership: Innovation & Technology in Church 4.0)

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