How To Build Your Church Community

Churches are often missing out on essential connections. There are always online digital lurkers who are watching but not engaging. New people who do get started on your newcomers/assimilation pathway seem to disappear due to lack of visibility. You know that something needs to change as you recognize that both the online and onsite experience needs to get better. You are not happy about the disjointed communication.

Finding Your Starting Point

Church 4.0 has moved from traditional to digital. Frictionless and easy experience for those we serve needs to be the focus of Church 4.0 leaders. Your leadership mindset should encourage your team to build genuine relationships with the non-church seeker.

Toolset: Finding The Right Technology

The only way things will improve at any church or charity, or business is when it improves. Improvement is neither a TedTalk outline, an idea, a hope, or a wish. Improvement is your focus that is tied to your mission statement. Your ability to carry out a self-assessment is the next step.

Social Media is Social Ministry

Like any technology, the internet can be used for both good and bad. X-rates sites generate more traffic than Amazon, Twitter, and Netflix. The online adult content business generates over $97 billion in worldwide revenue every year. Your leadership is needed more than ever before. I believe that Social Ministry is where Church 4.0 can provide the most significant value.

1 to 10 Things Every Church Leader Should Know

I was looking at the last five books that I wrote. They are on Church Leadership, Administration & Church 4.0. Church 4.0 is Phygital as we have witnessed the merging of the physical and the digital. If I was to bring out the main points from these books, it will probably be captured in my book – 1 to 10 Things Every Church Leader Should Know.

How Do We Optimize & Automate?

Church leaders will have to embrace continuous innovation. Leaders making strategic decisions that helps them to optimize and automate will lead effective churches. Let’s consider the metaphor of four levels of car that is available to us.

The New Normal Of Leadership (Part 5)

When the World Wide Web came out, some church leaders said that the internet is of the devil. Yet, historically, church leaders have been early adopters of change and technology.

The New Normal Of Leadership (Part 4)

The change we were ignoring is that the world has become connected. Do not give too much credit to the pandemic for all the shift. More than half of humankind was online much before the COVID-19 pandemic. By 2020, 4.2 billion people were already connected, and 3.4 billion publicly sharing their personal information with the world. The pandemic served as a tipping point for those leaders who were living in denial…

The New Normal Of Leadership (Part 3)

Church leaders need to heed the warning of companies who have risen and fallen at their demise. Church leaders need to be good stewards of the ministry entrusted with, by ensuring that their church stays relevant. Innovation and optimization are no longer a choice. It is a necessity and one that is easily affordable for any size of the church…

The New Normal Of Leadership (Part 2)

I wrote this book with Senior Pastors in mind. You are giving your best. You want to see your church grow. As a leader, you are aware that essential connections are getting missed. New people who visit your church are getting lost in a newcomer/assimilation pathway. You know something needs to change…

The New Normal Of Leadership (Part 1)

Leadership in the local church is not for the faint of heart. My father was a pastor, I am a pastor and I know from first-hand experience that effective leaders must learn to master the complexities of leadership and administration…